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Between The Streetlight And The Moon

Between The Streetlight And The Moon, by celebrated playwright Melita Rowston, digs deep and is full of layers of meaning as it explores what it is to be human and our relationships with each other. It’s a beautiful play about art, love and our need for recognition and creativity. It’s a sad fact that in […]

Wolf Lullaby

Renowned playwright, Hilary Bell, presents her latest production Wolf Lullaby. The play is interpreted by theatre director, Emma Louise, at the helm of her first full-length production, and performed by a small cast of four – Lucy Miller, Peter McAllum, David Woodland, and Maryellen George. Louise believes we all have different facets, some we hide […]

Review – Scenes From An Execution

After victory over the Ottoman Empire at the Battle of Lepanto (1571), the Venetians commission a  glorious, celebratory work but Galactia - a fictional artist and feminist before her time - is intent on showing the brutal reality. The formidable Glenda Jackson played the original Galactia, but Old Fitzroy’s very spirited Lucy Miller rises to […]