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Sydney Fireworks to fizz this year, rocking local election campaigns

BY LUCINDA GARBUTT-YOUNG Despite Sydney being weeks away from reopening, this year’s 9pm fireworks have been canned. It is the second time the city will be going digital for the family event.  The City of Sydney Council has been concerned about the large crowds the fireworks generate. Before cancellation, this year’s event was set to […]

Sarah Yagki’s latest single became her “light at the end of the tunnel”

BY LUCINDA GARBUTT-YOUNG For Sydney-based artist Sarah Yagki, music has always been a way to articulate experiences. The alternative pop artist has explored songwriting since she was just a child.  “I started out in music from a really young age, but I didn't come from a musical family. The way I connected to music was […]

Online arts workshop set to help Sydney unlock creativity

By Lucinda Garbutt-Young The online-based arts organisation, The Art of Flow, is offering a Five Day Creative Adventure Workshop later this month. Run by artist Gabbi Lancaster, the program seeks to unlock artistic flow in even the most skeptical of participants.  Lancaster has been teaching arts programs to children and adults for 15 years. Online […]

Online Theatre Makes Gains For Charity

By Lucinda Garbutt-Young Australia’s Lambert House Enterprise is set to perform Nick Enright’s play St James Infirmary via Zoom in the coming fortnight. The production is offering all proceeds to the Actors Benevolent Fund who boost the wellbeing of performers.  For lead actress Rachel Marley, this play is an opportunity to work with fellow actors […]

BEST SMALL ART GALLERY – Harrington Street Gallery

By Lucinda Garbutt-Young This tiny gallery in Chippendale is the passion of artist John Ogburn. After realising the importance of art exhibits that don’t bow to commercial pressures, Ogburn created this cooperative in 1973. You can now find it as a thriving space, marked by a friendly corner door. Harrington Street Gallery has a new […]

BEST BARBER – Uptown Barbers

By Lucinda Garbutt-Young  Looking for your next killer fade? Perhaps your beard needs a tidy up. Uptown Barbers is fairly new to the Sydney scene, after being established in 2019. However, it’s already gained recognition across the CBD.  Uptown Barbers is designed to be a traditional grooming business, keeping the modern man “looking his best […]

BEST HAIR SALON – Fringe On Crown

By Lucinda Garbutt-Young Nestled in Sydney’s centre, you’ll find the esteemed Fringe On Crown. This hair salon’s prowess is proven by it’s 4.9 star google rating and endless reviews.  Stepping instead, you’ll find Molly McCarthy and her team ready to transform your locks. Whilst you can choose from a number of treatments, including a wash, […]


By Lucinda Garbutt-Young Sometimes, you just want a classier post-work drinks spot without spending the extra cash. Clare Bar bridges the medium. Centred around a circular bar with booths against the walls, this location boasts a romantic 1940s atmosphere. Dried flowers, tiled wales and dark green doors blend with nostalgic yellow lighting. If you’re lucky, […]


By Lucinda Garbutt-Young It’s always rewarding to find a bar that does your favourite kind of drink right. If you’re into the referenced beverage, Gin Lane is the place for you. It has William Hogarth’s 1751 painting by the same name (in support of the Gin Act) on its head. No longer is the consumption […]


By Lucinda Garbutt-Young In its tenth year, Soma is one of the best places in Sydney to get great coffee. You’ll find the staff slinging ‘spros from Mecca roasters in Alexandria. A particular standout is the filter coffee, produced on Mecca single origins. As an example, the Kenyan Riakiberu is a bright coffee with a […]