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Killer dead but unburied

by ALEC SMART Ivan Milat, aka inmate 240140, Australia’s most notorious, and perhaps most prolific, serial killer, died on Sunday 27 October 2019, aged 74. The unrepentant murderer succumbed to terminal oesophageal and stomach cancer in the medical wing of Long Bay Jail in Malabar, where he was being treated. Milat, convicted in 1996 of […]

REVIEW: Deadhouse – Tales Of Sydney Morgue

Returning to Sydney for a second season, Deadhouse: Tales From Sydney Morgue, will be taking audiences into the depths of the crypt beneath St James’ Church in Sydney. A true-crime, immersive theatre experience, audiences are led right down into the crypt itself. Splitting the season in two, the true story of Louisa Collins will be […]

Pell to Hell, killer decisions, drug pushers punished: News Bites – 28 Aug 2019

Bite-sized bulletins by ALEC SMART Pell fell back to Hell Disgraced Archbishop George Pell, who won’t be stripped of his titles by The Vatican until all his appeals are exhausted, has apparently decided he will appeal his sex abuse convictions in the High Court. On August 21, Victoria’s Court of Appeal upheld Pell’s December 2018 […]

Killer dying with his secrets

By Alec Smart In 1987 I hitch-hiked a ride with notorious serial murderer Ivan Milat. So, too, did three of my associates, on different occasions, ten years apart. All of us were intimidated by him and never forgot the ordeal. None of us believe he is innocent, as he claims, and we remain convinced there […]