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The Naked City – The Grumpy Guide To The Logies

There are all sorts of crimes in this world depending very much on your point of view. If you are a staunch republican you might regard the entire British Royal Family as a crime against egalitarianism. Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is without a doubt a massive crime against humanity and on a lesser scale, Johnny […]


It was billed as a “piece of Australian television history” – a 1970 Silver Logie which recently sold at auction for around $5700. Talk about ye olde cultural cringe - it wasn’t even awarded to a homegrown show. Instead the very plain looking silver plated gong was given to the American TV show The Mod […]

John Newman

John Newman laughs: “Sorry, it sounds really weird but my last interview started with me with my trousers round my ankles and my mates trying to throw water bottles at me." The 23-year-old from North Yorkshire is home and hanging with his mates for the first time in three months. “That was the weirdest introduction […]