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LIVE WIRE – Sydney’s Live Music Guide June 25

Youth Group: To celebrate the vinyl re-release of their breakthrough album Skeleton Jar over a decade since it’s original release the band is getting back together for three special dates, with only one show in Sydney, to commemorate the re-release. Fri, Jun 26, Newtown Social Club Oisima: Hot off his debut album Nicaragua Nights Oisima […]

LIVE WIRE – Sydney’s Live Music Guide June 18

Chris Cavill & The Prospectors: Raw, sensitve, honest and hard working folk rockers arrive in Sydney this week to celebrate the second single from their album Know Your Destiny. A hauntingly twisted love song to Melbourne and its songwriters, the song explores the inherent struggles for creative artists. Come out and support the live show […]

LIVE WIRE – Sydney’s Live Music Guide May 28

Number56: The mysterious minds behind one of Berlin’s hottest nightlife venues, Salon-Zur Wilden Renate, are set to bring their authentic German twist to Sydney. With no fixed address each event is taking place behind a hidden door in a secret venue, with the inaugural event headlined by Germany’s very own trendsetter Steve Bug, who has […]

LIVE WIRE – Sydney’s Live Music Guide May 21

Sally King & Sametribe: A veteran of the Sydney blues scene renowned for her soulful vocals and powerful performances, Sally King is set to bring up-tempo blues to Petersham with her band Sametribe, consisting of Paul Berton on guitar, David Green on bass and Matt Brooke on drums. Thu, May 21, Petersham Bowling Club Onra: […]

LIVE WIRE – Sydney’s Live Music Guide October 16

  Thieves: After months away from the live scene writing their soon to be released debut album, Mary, Thieves finally return to the stage. They plan to celebrate this milestone with a launch party in Newtown for the first single, A Way To Ease The Pain.  Thu, Oct 16, The Vanguard Richard In Your Mind: […]

LIVE WIRE – Sydney’s Live Music Guide September 25th

  Matthew Fagan With La Fiesta Trio: Once described by Billy Connolly as “the best guitarist" he’s ever toured with, Matthew Fagan is coming to Sydney to celebrate the release of his new records Virtuoso and Ukulele Land. Combing with international artists Marek Podstawek and Alex Yarosh to provide a night centred around guitar, ukulele […]

LIVE WIRE – Sydney’s Live Music Guide September 18th

  Highasakite: This Norwegian five-piece band will be making their debut trip down under with a show at The Oxford Art Factory. The band has been getting some favourable attention and airtime on Triple J with their single Since Last Wednesday. They combine soaring vocals from lead singer Ingrid Helene Håvik (who has been likened […]

LIVE WIRE – Sydney Live Music Guide August 28th

  Megan Washington: Washington seems to be on a cathartic spree lately after her time on Australian Story, she is touring her most honest album yet. She has written about everything she has avoided thus far – anxiety, bad sex, being in love, being unfaithful, and losing her best friend. While the album is inspired […]

LIVE WIRE – Sydney Live Music Guide August 21st

  Velociraptor: The band started as a three-piece in 2008 and is now made up of a whopping 12 musicians. They create garage-pop with a whirlwind of guitars and a chorus of strong vocals that are chaotic yet structured, screeching yet shimmering, and they’re at their best when they play live. Fri, Aug 22nd, Newtown […]

LIVE WIRE – Sydney’s Live Music Guide August 14th

  Scott Spark: It’s been four years since Scott Spark’s debut album, and he has spent the subsequent years living between Brisbane and New York, gathering inspiration for his next album Muscle Memory. It’s an emotional kicker, driven by piano and strings with climaxes intricate and subtle enough to reach right into the listener’s soul. […]