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Over the past decade many initiatives have been put in place to revitalise live music in Sydney. Both the State Government and local councils have funded programs aimed at bringing back a music scene that flourished in the 80s and 90s. The biggest problem seems to have been the constantly changing landscape when it comes […]


COVID restrictions have impacted every artist in a multitude of different ways. For Sydney band Crocodylus these impacts have been simultaneously "devastating" and "really productive" according to drummer Mikel Salvador. At the beginning of the year Crocodylus were off to a red hot start as they were riding the wave of momentum generated by their European […]

Anousha Victoire

After 10 years away from music ABC Music Award winner Anousha Victoire has returned with a brand new album, and upcoming live shows in Sydney. Victoire's new album, Precious Things, sees her using her world and life experiences from the past decade to further push her music with a more matured folk/bluegrass/world sound. When describing […]

William Crighton

Australian singer-songwriter William Crighton has released his brand new single Your Country, as well as upcoming 2020 shows. Your Country, William’s first new music in two years, sends a powerful message about environmental policy and gives a taste of his third studio album which is set to release in 2021. The song features ARIA Award-winner […]

Live music venues call for a lifeline

By ALLISON HORE More than sixty live music venues around NSW have come together to launch a petition calling on the NSW government to provide support to the state’s live music industry. The 61 independent music venues from across New South Wales launched the petition today as part of their Save Our Stages campaign. Iconic […]

DMA’s – Unplugged & Intimate

Ever since coronavirus arrived on our shores entertainment options, such as concerts, have been total no no's. Beginning Thursday though that all changes when Sydney's own DMA's revive the live music scene with their socially distanced, COVID-19 safe, acoustic concert series. Following the release of their third album, The Glow, the band have been required […]

Get Folked Punk gets around coronavirus clampdown

by ALEC SMART Get Folked Punk is a monthly live music event in Sydney’s inner west. It features aspiring and established performers from the city’s dynamic folk circuit and comes with a punk attitude that gives it a varied and interesting edge. Co-founder Joel Cook, himself a drummer with punk-ska band Operation Ibis and the […]

Sole Sessions

Out of the darkness of the COVID-19 pandemic a brand new initiative has been launched to bring homegrown Australian entertainment into the lives of people across the country and around the world. Sole Sessions is an innovative new steaming delivery method designed to allow artists in lockdown to scratch their performance itch, generate a small […]

Live From The Island – Vera Blue

Record labels exist to release music, promote artists and help those artists organise live tours. Since the outbreak of COVID-19 though one leg of that tripod has been kicked out from underneath them. With artists no longer able to perform shows to audiences live in person the labels and artists have had to innovate and […]

SIMA Turns To Streaming

Social distancing might mean we can't physically attend concerts but it doesn't mean we have to forgo the experience entirely. The Sydney Improvised Music Association (SIMA) is using the COVID-19 situation as a welcome push to finally experiment with streaming technology for concerts. When speaking with SIMA General Manager Amy Curl she revealed that this […]