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Prada’s Priscilla’s: An All-Male Christmas Revue

Prada’s Priscilla’s are here to make the Yuletide gay with a truly unique Christmas Revue hosted by the six-foot something songstress herself, Prada Clutch. “It’s all your favourite Christmas hits with a drag twist,” said Prada. “Everything colourful, glittery, sparkly and camp… Who doesn’t love Christmas, right?” In this 90-minute extravaganza, Prada’s Priscilla’s will take […]

Art In The Hood

There’s no doubt Sydney’s inner east of Potts Point, Elizabeth Bay and their naughty little sister, Kings Cross, has witnessed considerable change over the past few years. If anything, the reactionary Lockout Laws, although fracturing Sydney, has successfully brought the local community together. Potts Pointers, a community group run by Warren Fahey and Carrington Brigham, […]

Carlotta: Queen Of The Cross

She has dubbed herself “Queen of the Cross” and no one has more right to the throne than Carlotta - entertainment legend and larger-than-life diva. Her original scheduled shows at the Hayes Theatre this May sold out almost immediately, forcing extra shows to be added. “I haven’t been in the Cross for years - they’re […]


Kings Cross evokes many responses these days. Some will tell you the area is dead, killed off by the lockout laws and ever encroaching gentrification. Others have a more positive outlook and look to the precinct’s remarkable history as a blueprint for its resurrection. Somebody very much in the latter camp is curator Olivia Ansell […]

Balmain boy to Kings Cross showgirl

  Australia’s trailblazing drag queen now lives in a small apartment on the Gold Coast, a world away from the Kings Cross glitz and glamour she once breathed and lived. She is keen to keep a low profile despite a telemovie about her life hitting the screens. However, Carol Byron, or Carlotta as many know […]