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Half pipe is here

BY RYAN QUINN Leichhardt Council has ‘ollied’ over State Government red tape, finally receiving consent to lodge a Development Application (DA) for the Callan Park Skate Park. The decision, made on November 12 by Callan Park owners, the NSW Health Department, came after many months of friction bteween government and council over the site. Leichhardt […]

Finger pointing continues over beleaguered Balmain club

BY KENJI SATO Leichhardt Council and Rozelle Village Director Ian Wright are locked in a contest over the redevelopment of Balmain Leagues Club. Last week, Mr Wright said that Leichhardt Council had repeatedly rejected his DA proposals for the site’s redevelopment, destroying the future prospects of the club. But Leichhardt Mayor Darcy Byrne called Mr […]

Capriccio Osteria & Bar

“It’s like meat butter,” my dining companion exclaims, gesturing with half a two-bite Cannolo alla Mortadella ($4/each) in her hand. It’s crude, but apt: the balsamic cannoli come rolled in pistachio and filled with imported Italian mortadella that has been fashioned into pâté.

Parking not so fine in Leichhardt

BY RYAN QUINN Leichhardt is ranked the fifth highest of 36 Sydney councils to issue parking fines in the past year, according to new data. Between 2014-15, Leichhardt Councils’ rate of issuing parking fines per 1,000 residents was almost double the average of most Sydney councils. These statistics came from data compliation of Independent Leichhardt […]

Red tape blocks skate

BY CHRISTOPHER HARRIS New Leichhardt Mayor Darcy Byrne said the state government has “blocked” the council from submitting development application for a skate park, despite support from numerous government agencies. The Labor mayor told City Hub last week that the government had stalled on giving consent for a DA for a skate park in Callan […]

Leichhardt continues to evict mummy’s little helper from sports fields

BY ALEXANDER LEWIS Parents watching their kids play sport on the weekend will have to learn to cheer without beer as Leichhardt council cracks down on those who like to knock back a few on the sidelines. The council made it compulsory in June for clubs wishing to use Leichhardt fields next year to become […]


The first thing you’ll notice after stepping into Damda, beyond the strong design aesthetic, is the monstrous, smoke-belching oven. It’s admirably manned by a smiling, tattooed, Korean coal-master.

Parker plans for Callan Park’s future

By Emily Contador-Kelsall   Greens member for Balmain Jamie Parker will introduce to the NSW Parliament a bill aimed at securing the future of Callan Park this Thursday June 4 as City Hub goes to print. Callan Park has long been a source of contention between the state government, Leichhardt Council and the community. The […]

Bays Precinct consultation continues

UrbanGrowth NSW hosted the Bays Precinct Sydneysiders Summit last weekend, inviting residents from all around Sydney to help “shape Sydney’s biggest transformation project since the Olympics”. The summit was part of UrbanGrowth’s consultation efforts with the ambitious project, which will span roughly 30 years. But many residents were sceptical of the event’s outcomes, and voiced […]

Callan Park in danger of being “demolished by neglect”

Prominent members of the Leichhardt community have called on the state government to rule out privatisation and establish a Callan Park Trust to secure the future of the park. Callan Park’s website said it is currently preserved “by historical accident” and many of its unused buildings are currently neglected, with some buildings reportedly infested by […]