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I Know Leopard

Sydney’s own I Know Leopard have ventured even deeper down their own unique path with the impending debut record. Ahead of the records release and their special sneak peak live performance next week City Hub sat down with frontman Luke O’Louglin to discuss the influences and recording process behind the record. Since coming together the […]


Sydney cabaret performer, Jodie Stubbs’ new show takes the audience on a humorous journey that was originally intended to explore the changing roles of women through the ages but has since evolved during development. Whilst developing the show Jodie and co-writer Tyran Parke came to the realisations that the show would work even better with […]

Adam Eckersley & Brooke McClymont

Adam Eckersley and Brooke McClymont are two of Australia’s finest singer-songwriters and acclaimed performers in their own rights, however despite being married they had never actually worked together in a musical capacity until very recently. City Hub spoke with the duo backstage at the third show of their extensive national Highway Sky tour. Working together […]

Leah Flanagan

Leah Flanagan has been captivating audiences for almost a decade unlike anybody else with her alluring and emotional music. This weekend to mark the release of her third studio album, Oceanic Sessions, she will be joining forces with special guest Alice Sky. For Flanagan Oceanic Sessions has been somewhat of a departure from her typical […]

Patrick James

Following an almost two year hiatus from releasing music Sydney song-smith Patrick James has returned with an all new, refreshed sound and live show. As James explained to the City Hub the hiatus was a necessity brought about by his decision to reinvent himself as an artist and songwriter. “I was searching for something that […]

Mick Thomas

With the ever changing landscape of the music industry artists are constantly exploring new and innovative ways to showcase their work. For Mick Thomas the most compelling way to showcase his over three decade career was to pen a book and pair it with a compilation album of songs from his days in Weddings, Parties, […]

Vivid at Leadbelly

Newtown has long been recognised as an area rich in cultural diversity. Through this an extraordinary tapestry of creativity has been cultivated, expressed over a multitude of different artistic platforms. Over the course of the next three weeks one of Newtown’s most prestigious venues The Leadbelly, formerly known as the Vanguard, will be hosting a series […]