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Minister moves to extend detention powers

By ALLISON HORE The Law Council of Australia has expressed concern about the COVID-19 situation being “used as an excuse” to extend controversial detention policies which are unrelated to the ongoing pandemic.  The Law Council say the emergency COVID-19 powers have been used to extend the powers of the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) to […]

Jails are the crime

By ALEC SMART A 12-year-old Aboriginal boy, Dujuan Hoosan, travelled to Geneva, Switzerland, to appeal directly to the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) on an issue important to Indigenous Australians. In a televised address on Wednesday 11 September, he asked for UNHRC help ending something that most Australian political leaders are reluctant to change: […]

Sydney marches for equality

BY ALEX EUGENE Last Sunday an estimated 30,000 people marched down the streets of Sydney in support of same sex marriage, while thousands more also rallied in the Brisbane sister event. YES Campaign spokespeople Kerryn Phelps, Alex Greenwich and Tiernan Brady made passionate speeches on the day at Customs House where the Sydney march concluded. […]