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Pandemic Pets

By Rida Babar With pets being an unspoken part of the Australian identity, it is no surprise that a bill has been forward by the Animal Justice Party (AJP), which stated that bylaws in strata schemes which prohibit animals should be removed. While there are not a number of details released about the bill at […]

Don’t leave cats in a flap

By RITA BRATOVICH If you’re a pet owner you know all too well the sheer heartbreak of losing a non-human companion, but have you ever considered the pain and upheaval your pet might experience if you suddenly weren’t there anymore? According to Kristina Vesk, CEO of The Cat Protection Society (CPS), animals can react in […]

Cat-astrophe for renter’s pets

BY JADE MORELLINI The struggle is real for pet owners who are looking for a place to rent, with most landlords saying no when it comes to bringing their furry friends home. Not only is this causing an emotional departure of beloved pets, but it’s causing animal shelters to fill up a lot faster. CEO […]