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Making Love

Science fiction meets romantic comedy this week at Newtown's King Street Theatre thanks to Sydney writer and actor Jess Scott Driksna. Taking inspiration from Blade Runner’s futurist world and blending that with drama from Kate Bush’s 'Deeper Understanding' sees this stage play explore capitalism, science and the human dilemma of loneliness. In Making Love humans […]

Losing You (Twice)

In July 2011, 24-year-old Victorian man, Daniel O’Keeffe went missing. His family – parents and three sisters – had no clue or explanation as to why Daniel would have disappeared and where he could be. For the next five years they engaged in public appeals, a social media campaign that went global, chasing down false […]

Koala Joe – The Musical

During the Sydney Festival our city has an abundance of shows and entertainment options to choose from, but if you have children Emu Productions and King Street Theatre are the ones hitting it out of the park. Opening earlier this week is the new production Koala Joe – The Musical, which has been written by […]

The Nitwits’ Fractured Fairytales

King Street Theatre’s school holiday program launches into full-fledged silliness as The Nitwits return to Newtown with their new show, Fractured Fairytales. Forget what you think you thought you knew about the storybook characters we’ve all grown up with, as Matty Grey and Teddlie Bear turn traditional tales on their head with their chaotic wit. […]

Audrey of the Outback

Eaton Gorge Theatre Company and EMU Productions will be showcasing their next children’s show Audrey of the Outback just in time for school holidays. A timeless Australian tale of growing up, the play is adapted from Christine Harris’ award-winning book and will run for almost two weeks at the King Street Theatre. Play director Julie Scrine […]

Review: Is It Time

Is It Time, a work by Australian actor, writer, and musician Martin Ashley Jones, premiered at King Street Theatre this month. It ambitiously attempts to cover a wide range of issues related to love, ageing and death with varying levels of success. The plot centres on an elderly couple, Eva and Jim Rogers, played by […]

Is It Time

There are some experiences in life we all share, like falling in love or locking the keys in our car. Not everyone, however, can say they have experienced an extraordinary love that stands the test of family, and the test of time. Debuting at King Street Theatre this month, Is It Time is a play […]

The Bald Soprano

Here’s a play that has a record number of interpretations, and has become one of the most performed plays in France. The Bald Soprano sets out to break and ignore the conventions of a traditional play. The characters speak to the audience and there is no linear plot. This play tries to highlight problems in […]

The Killing of Sister George

G.bod Theatre are marking the 50th anniversary of The Killing of Sister George with an updated version of the iconic Frank Marcus production at King Street Theatre. In the play June Buckridge plays Sister George, a beloved character on a popular BBC soap opera, a nurse who ministers to the medical needs and personal problems of […]

Mother Goose in the Woods

Christmas is just around the corner and so are school holidays, meaning organising activities for the kids. King Street Theatre in Newtown will be hosting a number of school holiday shows, including Mother Goose in the Woods. In this live show Mother Goose will tell a number of fairytales to the audience. You’ll see modernised versions of […]