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All Is True

This is an imagined biopic using fact and intuitive judgement, based on Shakespeare’s life after he laid down his quill and returned from London to his home in Stratford. Written by Ben Elton, the script is tilted empathetically towards Shakespeare (played by Kenneth Branagh who also directed), dealing belatedly with the death of his son, […]

King Lear

It's impossible to describe Ian McKellen's performance in the National Theatre's production of King Lear without using an exhaustive list of superlatives. Given his status as an actor, you'd expect him to be amazing but he's beyond that. This movie is a live production that was filmed especially, and so it allows close ups, varied […]


Set in a place redolent of Kings Cross, director Richard Hillier and the Sydney Shakespeare Festival present Measure for Measure. It is labelled by some scholars as one of Shakespeare’s 'problem plays' with shifts between comedy and darker, more complex ideas. With all-round excellent performances including Danielle Baynes (Isabella), John Grinston (Duke Vincento) and Richard Mason […]


Harlos Productions’ sixty-minute version of King Lear comprises key scenes from the play, joined by a narrator’s summary of events in-between. Created with just two players, this is a theatrical entity that focuses squarely on the art of performance and storytelling. In the hands of Gertraud Ingeborg and David Ritchie, it is clear that the art form in […]