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Food News – Korean Banquet

Alongside the Consul-General of Korea, Whie Jin Le, and a host of chefs and food media personalities from Danny Russo to Lyndey Milan, I attended the Korean Cultural Centre for a fabulous multi-course Korean Banquet Showcase. We were treated to an array of dishes, including seasonal hwe (Korean-style sashimi) of abalone, salmon, kingfish and cuttlefish, and Korean pancakes (jun) with flavourings like zucchini, mung beans and oysters.

678 Sydney Korean BBQ

Korean comedian Kang Ho-Dong greets you at the door in cardboard cutout form. He’s also a cartoon on the storybook menu, where his American chain is given a distinctly Aussie twist.

Food News – Planet Popcorn

Rolling around popcorn in my mouth that tastes exactly like corn soup is a bit of a revelation. My mind flicks instantly toward adding it to a dinner party dish to surprise my guests.


Venturing down an alleyway running between Event Cinemas and La Guillotine, you’ll find a spruced up Korean restaurant called Danjee.

Wagyu House

Ten minutes outside the Inner West, a circus tent of lighting alerts you to this Korean mecca of meat. Pull your vehicle directly into what appears to be the centre of the restaurant; get met immediately by a smiling waiter.