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Cosy Up Your Cave

By Rita Bratovich ANNADALE INTERIORS Winter is the season where designers can fully stretch their canvases and lay out all their colours. It’s when “more is more” - more texture, more hues, more volume; layering and accessorising, enjoying the feel as much as the look. Home becomes a retreat. Outdoor activities are replaced with the […]

Annandale Interiors

BY REMI TRAUERNICHT Annandale Interiors is a beautiful interior design shop located in Stanmore at 40 Parramatta Road. The shop is filled with creative and classy décor from corner to corner. It has a style that aims for comfort, creativity and sophistication. There are plenty of beautiful mahogany tables, plush throws for couches and beds, […]

Aboriginal art for a good cause

BY JADE MORELLINI   Annandale Interiors are hosting an exhibition to raise money for the Motoca Art Bank Project on Wednesday 11th October at 6pm to 9pm. They will be showcasing the incredible artworks of Aboriginal artist Robyn Bulunu Mununggurr, with a limited number of her paintings for purchase. Full of beauty and colour, her […]