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“If you haven’t seen one of my shows before it’s dance music on a different level.” With one short, simple sentence Kilter himself perfectly encapsulates what people can look for in one of his live shows. Unlike the run of the mill dance music DJ standing behind a laptop or turntables Kilter’s show sees him […]


Whilst a musician/producer today can find phenomenal success through single releases for radio often there will still be a piece of them that nags away for something more. For Sydney’s Kilter that nagging voice wanted an opportunity to fully express it’s voice without commercial constraints, which led to his new record Through The Distortion. “For vocalists the […]

Kilter – Through The Distortion

After an intensive two years spent in the studio crafting the record, this debut album from Sydney producer Kilter is a phenomenal first outing which obviously employs his vast array of influences. Throughout the record Kilter’s traditional musical training and background comes through clearly in a primarily electronic record. With 13 tracks on this record […]