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REVIEW: My Sweet Monster

My Sweet Monster is a Russian-made animation dubbed into English (American) which explains why the lip-syncing is so off. Alas, if only that was its only fault. This confused tale about a princess who flees into the forest to escape an unwanted marriage is highly derivative, convoluted, and not particularly well animated. There’s enough colour, […]

Does ‘Lightyear’ go to infinity & beyond?

When Pixar's latest entry into the Toy Story film franchise was first announced the world immediately began to ponder how exactly Lightyear would fit within this universe. That question is immediately answered in Lightyear when we are given a written intro slate which says, "In 1995 Andy got a toy. The toy was from his […]

Warm up the vocal chords for ‘Sing 2’

It comes as no surprise that a sequel has spawned from 2016’s family animated flick Sing considering the huge profits Universal Pictures accrued upon its cinematic release. The gang are back this time attempting to audition for a major production that could catapult their careers in show business. But is this as easy as it […]