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WestCONnex. A done deal?

By Peter Hehir Not according to Professor James Weirick from the University of NSW. Sure the Stage 1 tunnels between the M4 and Haberfield do exist and are soon to open; and construction of the Stage 3 disaster is about to get underway; however Professor Weirick and a great many others believe that the tunnels […]

Parliament digs up WestCONnex dirt

By Wendy Bacon WestConnex may be Australia’s biggest infrastructure project but according to Reverend Fred Nile, who chaired a Parliamentary Inquiry into its impacts, it’s also the worst example of lack of transparency in NSW. The report,which was released this week, is a devastating critique of the 34-kilometre tollway network. The Committee found the NSW […]

NSW Chief Scientist Writes to City Hub

Letter from Mary O'Kane, 
NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer I was concerned to read your article WestConnflicts of Interest, dated 24 January 2018, suggesting that the Advisory Committee on Tunnel Air Quality (ACTAQ) did not deal with conflicts of interest in commissioning the 'Optimisation of the application of GRAL in the Australian context' study and […]

WestConnflicts of interest

BY WENDY BACON AND CHRIS NASH An apparent conflict of interest has arisen in the choice of the company Pacific Environment to do research for a committee, chaired by the NSW Chief Scientist and required to provide independent advice to the NSW Planning department for its assessment of the WestConnex Environmental Impact Statement. The committee […]