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Take another red pill with The Matrix: Resurrections

It's time to once again re-enter The Matrix.  Some 20 years after the first film in The Matrix trilogy shattered the collective psyche with its red vs blue pill conundrum we once again see Keanu Reeves returning to the role of Thomas Anderson/Neo. This time around Thomas is back in the "real world" living out […]

Bill And Ted Face The Music

Nearly 30 years since their last adventure on the big screen, time travellers Bill and Ted return in this third installment to save the universe. They must write the best song ever in 75 minutes to save humanity. Their daughters join in ‘on the fun’ and also travel in time trying to assemble the best band […]

Toy Story 4

After a gap of nine years, everyone’s favourite toys are ready to amaze us again on the big screen. Woody’s gang of misfits and naughty toys is back in action, and they sure pack a punch. Woody (Tom Hanks) leads the show, with a heavy supporting cast including Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen) & Woody’s long-lost […]

John Wick: Chapter 2

The sequel to the shock hit of 2014 has Keanu Reeves’ unstoppable Baba Yaga (Boogeyman) returning in an even more blood soaked and brain smattered affair. Chapter 2, much like the original, has Wick being dragged back out of retirement. Although this time it is not by his own free will, this time around a long […]


Evil Lord Kira (Tadanobu Asano) wants to take over the provinces of feudal Japan, and he’ll do it dressed like a Power Rangers villain, while a shape-shifting witch (Rinko Kikuchi) does his bidding. Kai (Keanu Reeves) is an orphaned half-demon man in love with his ruler’s daughter Mika (Ko Shibasaki). A series of events triggers […]