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Portrait Of Kate Ceberano Wins Archibald Packing Room Prize 2021

The 30th annual Archibald Packing Room Prize winner, as part of the 100th annual Archibald Prize, is German-born Australian painter, Kathrin Longhurst – as announced by NSW Art Gallery’s Head Packer, Brett Cuthbertson. This year’s Archibald Prize had 2144 entries, a close second to 2020’s record-setting year. 2021 has set records for the highest number […]


In Children of the Revolution, Kathrin Longhurst draws upon her East German childhood to produce paintings which satire Soviet style communism and Western pinup girls. Rendered in exquisite detail, the images line the walls like living models. The long supple fingers and naked flesh of the women contrast strongly with the hard outer shells of […]