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Every Brilliant Thing

Facing her first solo performance, Kate Mulvany says she has never “performed solo. This is it! So along with coming to see a fabulous play, you get the added bonus of seeing me sweat with abject fear!”  She is playing a grown-up daughter who, as a child, compiled a list of all the brilliant things […]

Mary Stuart

Mary Stuart, the once-maligned wicked witch of English history, is getting a make-over, with both a film and a play about her opening in Sydney. Mary Queen Of Scots was the granddaughter of Henry VIII’s elder sister Margaret and was Catholic. Her rival was Elizabeth, the daughter of Henry VIII and his second wife Anne […]

REVIEW: An Enemy Of The People

Melissa Reeves has re-written Henrik Ibsen’s play, updating it for modern times and swapping out the male protagonist for a female. The result proves that very little ever changes where politics and human nature are involved. The plot remains more or less the same: a small, insignificant town finds prosperity and renown when its natural […]

An Enemy Of The People

What does it mean to be a whistleblower in this day and age? Henrik Ibsen’s An Enemy Of The People has been adapted by Melissa Reeves for the Belvoir stage. In a town wanting to preference economic stability over social considerations, Katherine Stockman (Kate Mulvany) makes the discovery that the famous town water is toxic. In trying to […]

REVIEW: The Harp In The South

The stage of Roslyn Packer Theatre is transformed into the working-class world of Ruth Park’s iconic The Harp In The South trilogy. Adapted by Kate Mulvany as a two-part play and directed by Kip Williams, the world premiere of The Harp In The South is truly an epic for all involved with a run time of over six hours […]

REVIEW: The Rasputin Affair

Petrograd, 1916: three men walk intently around a small table upon which is a fine china plate upon which is a single cup cake topped with bright pink icing. They examine the cup cake scrupulously and regard it with awe - for this same cup cake may determine their own fortunes and the future of […]


A grifter charms his way into an elite household by convincing them that he is a messenger of God. The master of the house is persuaded but the rest smell a rat. Is he imposter or saint? This is Molière’s Tartuffe, a 400-year-old French farce, translated, modernised, and Australianised by Justin Fleming. In a rare […]