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REVIEW: The Merry Widow

Graeme Murphy’s production of The Merry Widow is a triumph in every respect. Supported by a fabulous cast, and with Murphy’s direction and choreography, this operetta is a delight to listen to and to watch. Murphy sets the operetta 20 years later than the original (1905), in the art deco Paris of the 1920s, giving […]

The Merry Widow

The Art Deco movement inspired costume designer Jennifer Irwin’s work for Franz Lehar’s fizzy comic opera. “The Merry Widow has three acts,” she explained. “The first one is a cocktail party where there’s lots of waltzing so I went with long dresses and put everyone in long satin gowns that sat well within the black and […]


When Franz Kafka wrote the short story The Metamorphosis (published in 1915), he probably didn’t foresee that it would become a classic of absurdist literature, nor that his name would spawn a category of experience, “Kafkaesque.” The term encompasses the bizarre, the oppressive and the sense of alienation on the cusp of World War I, but […]

REVIEW: La Bohéme

La Bohéme is unquestionably one of the most popular operas of all time. The tragic story of the tempestuous love affair between the poet Rodolfo and the mesmerisingly frail Mimi has captured the hearts of opera-goers for generations. Originally set in the bohemian quarter around the Sorbonne on Paris’ Left Bank during the 19thcentury, Opera […]

The Merry Widow

Reflecting Art Deco France, Opera Australia’s The Merry Widow is a witty and scandalous tale of recent widow Hanna (Danielle de Niese) and the suitors who want to marry her to keep her inherited fortune in the province. First premiered in 1905 Vienna, the operetta has not lost its comedic lustre. “It is an operetta […]