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Frocking Hilarious

ActionAid’s flagship comedy gala will return to Sydney’s Enmore Theatre this May with an all-new instalment of Frocking Hilarious. The one-night-only event will raise funds for the national and international work that ActionAid are undertaking to support women’s rights and their campaign against injustice. The line-up of comedians on the night will include Judith Lucy […]


Judith Lucy and Denise Scott are two esteemed comics who, individually, have no trouble holding an audience in their thrall; together, they are as engrossing as a train wreck (in a good way). They are about to reprise last year’s extraordinarily successful show, Disappointments, and take it on tour nationally. The hilariously candid show consists […]

Judith Lucy & Denise Scott – Dissapointments

Judith Lucy and Denise Scott are quite the dynamic duo. These two Aussie comedians have come together to create a show that is bound to leave your heart filled with happiness. Disappointments is for “…anyone who has ever been disappointed and/or growing older. In other words, EVERYBODY!” said Lucy. The realness and truth of not […]


On the phone from a Brisbane hotel, Judith Lucy and Denise Scott are carefree. “We’re both leaning in a rather sexy way," says Lucy, “and Scottie is looking a little bit Audrey Hepburn”. After sellout shows around the country, The Spiral tour comes to Sydney. "It’s got everything," they explain, finishing each other’s sentences. ‘There’s […]