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REVIEW: A Taste Of Honey

With its themes of alcoholism, racism, homosexuality and survival set in poverty,  A Taste Of Honey should have it all, but this production just doesn’t quite get there. Written in 1958 by a 19 year old Shelagh Delaney, it was in its day a one of the groundbreaking English ‘kitchen sink’ dramas that went on […]

Cloud Nine

Caryl Churchill is arguably the world’s greatest living playwright. Cloud Nine, first performed in 1979 is her breakthrough play. Set initially in colonial, Victorian Africa and then time shifting to London more than a hundred years onward, it unpicks the big ideas of love, class, gender politics and sexuality. “It’s a big beast to crack” […]

The Infinite Man

The Infinite Man is a quixotic journey through the mind of a very confused man. It is a tale of obsession and strange erotic fantasies. Dean (Josh McConville), a quirky, neurotic pseudo scientist is obsessed with Lana (Hannah Marshall) but his quest for her love takes an almost incomprehensible turn when he uses time travel […]