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REVIEW: Krapp’s Last Tape

There are two stars of Krapp’s Last Tape, the Samuel Beckett one-act that opened in a Red Line Productions show at the Old Fitz Theatre on Thursday. One is the set, by Brian Thomson, an accomplished worker on stage and film. A towering, glum phalanx of filing cabinets, battered and painted in a wan palette of […]

Australia Day

In the fictional, Australian country town of Coriole, they’re planning the Australia Day festivities. It will probably be the same as last year but getting the right multicultural sausage on the barbie is important, and so is a committee. This one is a blend of political and partisan views with the odd Australian born Vietnamese […]

The Wharf Revue 2017 – The Patriotic Rag

Sydney Theatre Company’s Wharf Revue has rolled around again with a plentiful supply of satirical humour based on the year’s political events at home and abroad. First-timer Blazey Best brings her brand of craziness to this year’s comic confection titled, The Patriotic Rag. Blazey was tailor-made for the female roles in this production, if only on […]


Jonathan Biggins’ latest play for the Sydney Theatre Company looks at how the ubiquity of digital media has caused a blurring of lines between entertainment and editorial, news and gossip. Talk references some well-known (read notorious) identities and stories to create a fictitious but easily recognisable drama/farce that provides plenty of laughs while delivering sobering […]

Mr Stink

David Walliams’ award-winning book, Mr Stink is coming to life once again on stage at the Seymour Centre. In it, Chloe, the loneliest girl in the world, befriends Mr Stink, a local tramp, and keeps him hidden in the garden shed when she realises he needs a place to stay. “It’s a Mary Poppins story,” said Jonathan […]

The Wharf Revue 2014: Open for Business

The Wharf Revue is again 'Open for Business’, as everyone’s favourite lampoonists return for another edition of their trademark anarchic political satire. Now in its fifteenth season and with plenty of political cannon fodder courtesy of our elected representatives, they press on undeterred – not even for a bottle of Grange. "I think that over […]