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Human Nature Rebooted at Star Casino

They say nice guys don’t make it big. This may be true in many cases but it is certainly not true of Human Nature. They are clean cut, slick, multi-talented and humble with high moral fibre and good family values. That, beside their obvious handsome, well groomed appearance and incredible ability to harmonise, is why […]

THE NAKED CITY – Bring Back The Ducky!

It’s great to see that the Sydney Festival will go ahead in January 2021 with an ‘Australian Made’ program – no big name overseas acts but the spotlight on some wonderful local musicians, dancers, actors and artists. Naturally crowd numbers will be restricted with the various COVID-19 protocols but it’s a brave move to stage […]

REVIEW: Sleeping Beauty

British Director/Producer Bonnie Lythgoe has once again thrilled Sydney audiences with her 2018 magical pantomime, Sleeping Beauty - A Knight Avenger’s Tale, an exciting quality stylish theatre experience for adults and children alike, at the glorious art deco State Theatre, well worth the high ticket price. Christopher Wood has excelled in rewriting a modern comedic interactive take on this […]