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After WWII the Australian Government offloaded a massive amount of military equipment in a giant fire sale – everything from heavy army vehicles to boots and catering equipment. Many of the smaller items ended up in so called ‘war surplus stores’ which proliferated in Australia for decades to come. Whilst the stores continued to stock […]

Political discussion on housing affordability “a win for young people”

By Lauren O'Connor   Soaring prices in the Sydney property market are causing "housing stress" for the younger generation, according to NSW peak body Youth Action. The City of Sydney has reviewed the outcomes of a public talk they held in early March to discuss the city’s housing crisis. The report concluded that many essential […]

Naked City: Wild In The Streets – Downunder-style!

In the 1968 American cult classic Wild In The Streets, disenchanted youth are motivated to take over the nation’s streets as rock singer Max Frost is swept to the Presidency on a platform of reducing the voting age to 15. Once in power he further reduces that age to 14 and makes 30 the mandatory […]

Prime time outrage over education deregulation

In the federal budget announced on Tuesday night, Treasurer Joe Hockey unveiled the most sweeping changes to the higher education sector since the 1970s, including the deregulation of tertiary education fees and increases to student contributions. These reforms are what students from the Education Action Group were drawing attention to when they staged a protest […]