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REVIEW: Honour

Joanna Murray-Smith takes a familiar domestic scenario – a man who leaves his wife of many years for a much younger woman – and examines the perspectives and feelings of each in detail with great humour and compassion. She also presents the effect of the breakup on the daughter of the couple, as well as […]

Writing For Film & Theatre With Joanna Murray-Smith

Unlock the keys of Creative Writing with Actors Centre Australia's exclusive online masterclass, Writing For Film and Theatre with Joanna Murray-Smith. From prose to stage to screen, Joanna Murray-Smith’s success as a writer across all forms has shaped the Australian Writers scene tremendously. Her plays are performed and published around the world and her plays […]

The Female Of The Species

When feminist writer Margot Mason published her seminal work, The Cerebral Vagina in the early 70s, she could not have imagined the ongoing ramifications of its doctrine nor envisioned that one day, years later, it would lead to her being held at gunpoint by a deranged student, Molly. That’s the core plot of Joanna Murray-Smith’s comic […]