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Farewell, Mr Haffmann

The historical WWII drama - Farewell, Mr Haffmann - is set during the German occupation of Paris in 1941 when Jews were being rounded up and mercilessly transported to concentration camps. The film doesn’t concentrate on the atrocities being committed to these communities but revolves around three characters and how their decision to defy the […]

‘Paul Keating’ To Launch Online Arts Hub

Former Prime Minister, ‘The Hon. Paul Keating’ (*comedian Jonathan Biggins) is launching an online initiative called Dunera for members of the community to access live events that bring the world of art and culture online. Brought forward by the Australian Jewish community, specifically Sydney’s Emanuel Synagogue, Dunera is free to all and features a mix of community […]

The Laden Table

A fraught love story, with global issues and political themes told through the prism of personal stories. It carries a message that we are to learn from the lessons of the past and look to the future, and no matter our difference we should treat one another through dignity and respect. The Fishmans are Jewish, and […]

Food News – Kosher

In a move that will put the holy back into your next bagel, luxury hotel InterContinental Double Bay recently launched a separate kosher kitchen and in-house catering.


Bagels may have started the ‘Jewish food' craze but Shuk (meaning marketplace in Hebrew) is where you’ll find a genuine melting pot of traditional and modern Israeli flavours, with some Mediterranean touches thrown in for good measure.