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Heroes Of The Fourth Turning At Seymour Centre

When Jeremy Waters, Artistic Director of the Outhouse Theatre Company, approached his director Craig Baldwin to stage Heroes Of The Fourth Turning by Will Arbery at the Seymour Centre, Baldwin was “terrified” because some of the characters’ political views are diametrically opposed to his. Set during the Trump era, Arbery’s play, a Pulitzer Prize finalist in 2020, […]

REVIEW: The Big Time

Finally, after 51 (or is it 52?) plays and the same number of years, David Williamson has turned his satirical blowtorch onto his own industry in this latest offering at the Ensemble Theatre on Sydney’s lower North Shore. He says, “If you’re a struggling writer or actor who hasn’t made 'The Big Time'… being near […]

REVIEW: The Flick

Outhouse Theatre Company and the Seymour Centre present playwright Annie Baker’s, The Flick at the Reginald Theatre. The creatives behind the show include Craig Baldwin as director, set and costume design by Hugh O’Connor, lighting design by Martin Kinnane, sound composition and design by Nate Edmondson and more. Playwright Annie Baker has an array of productions […]


It’s rare to find a play that takes a topic as challenging, provocative and potentially terrifying as terrorism and turns it into six interweaving stories that are alternatively heart breaking, hilarious, terrifying, completely compelling and thought provoking. “You wouldn’t expect BU21, with its provocative material, to be hilarious. Some theatre puts tragedy up on the […]


This sprawling comic play follows four generations of a Yorkshire pig-farming family as they fight to protect their livelihood over the course of the 20th Century. Harvest depicts 100 years in the Harrison family and how they have survived throughout the decades. “There are seven scenes throughout the hundred years going right up to 2005 […]

Four Places

Outhouse Theatre Company was formed in New York City by Australian actors Jeremy Waters and Nick Stevenson and now they present American playwright Joel Drake Johnson's Four Places. Have you ever been to a family event and suddenly everything starts to deteriorate? “It’s a very funny play but dealing with really big themes in a […]