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Newtown to self-impose lock outs

BY STEPHANIE TILLER Newtown nightclubs will self-impose lockouts due to community anguish over increased violence and the area’s changing vibes. Newtown Liquor Accord Chairman Tim Clayton said restrictions were essential to protect the character of the area and to ensure patrons would be safe coming into the summer months. “It was just something that we […]

Outdoor ‘Pissoirs’ to come out on Oxford

By CHRISTOPHER HARRIS Plans for a retractable urinal in Kings Cross have been flushed, but Oxford Street partygoers may be able to take a slash in the $350,000 contraption instead. On Monday night, City of Sydney Council dismissed plans for a urinal in Kings Cross’s Springfield Plaza. Independent Councillor John Mant said the square needed […]

Art Money scheme is “subsidising” investors

BY STEPHANIE TILLER The Sydney art community is divided over an interest free loan scheme that was implemented by City of Sydney Council in March this year. The Art Money scheme, administered by the 10 Group, is part of the City of Sydney’s Creative City Policy and aims to support artists and galleries by stimulating […]

Free Wi-Fi coming to Sydney

By Kayla Canne Sydneysiders can soon expect free Wi-Fi stations across the city after a motion was unanimously passed by the City of Sydney Council last week. Councillor Jenny Green, a member of Clover Moore’s team, introduced the motion requesting council partner with the NSW government to investigate and explore programs to install free Wi-Fi […]

Push forward for GLBTI archival space

With the City of Sydney’s resolution in March to forge ahead with its plans to transform the long-vacant T2 building in Taylor Square into a ‘cycling hub’, a new motion tabled by Labor councillor Linda Scott at this month’s council meeting calling for the establishment of an GLBTI archival space was defeated. To commemorate the […]

Bill posters beware

The City of Sydney wants to prosecute companies that engage in illegal advertising rather than individual bill posters, and will request the state government to change the relevant legislation, pending a feasibility review. Bill postering, common on light and telegraph poles around the inner city, is typically commissioned by commercial businesses or contract agencies. But […]

Backpacker “frenzy of hate”

Burgeoning numbers of backpackers are extending their stay in Sydney due to economic pressures overseas, and the trend is straining community relations in Potts Point. Local residents have banded together to compel 24 hostels in the area to introduce voluntary plans of management to quell noise and antisocial behaviour. The group have threatened to lobby […]

Kings Cross violence spurs liquor review call

Momentum is growing for serious consideration and review of the NSW Liquor Act to combat alcohol-related violence in Kings Cross and elsewhere in Sydney. In a letter sent to City News, City of Sydney Councillor Jenny Green stated: "The Liquor Act must be comprehensively and courageously amended to address the devastating effects of alcohol-related violence […]