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Come to Where I Am – Australia

Paines Plough and Critical Stages Touring have recently announced 16 new live performance and digital distribution plays for Come to Where I Am – Australia. Come to Where I Am was launched in response to a rapidly changing world, to support the development of new stories which engaged regional writers to showcase life in their […]

Review: I Love You Now

June and Leo are in a hotel room, tentatively trying to fan into flame a passion that has long gone cold. Seems simple enough so far. But June is having a dalliance with Leo’s twin brother Rob, and her personal trainer, Helmut, as well as the local priest, who is also Rob’s confessor. Leo is […]

I Hate You My Mother

Red Line Productions' latest offering begins with a prologue that tells the story of a Sixteenth Century bishop who sexually abuses his illegitimate daughter. Though the crime is never actually depicted it is present throughout the play, reiterated in descendent victims. “It’s the story about sexual abuse in young women and children and how that crime […]

Review – Dark Voyager

What a hoot! A flimsy narrative almost collapses under an avalanche of one-liners, (Bette Davis says to Joan Crawford: “You had sex with Nixon? Not even his wife does that!”). Dark Voyager ultimately provides an alternate theory on the death of Marilyn Monroe, with a sub-plot involving Crawford’s son. The egotistical bitchiness, backstabbing and power […]