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Smooth and sultry, the unmistakable sounds of jazz flow freely from this eight-track disc. Yet another example of that legendary Melbournian musical might, this release boasts intricate string elements accompanied by a pulsing yet distant sounding percussion and of course the stellar swagger of the saxophone. It’s a wonderfully interlaced piece, with Ben Carr’s saxophone […]


Genius can often be misunderstood, but never so much as it is in jazz music. The Tim Clarkson Trio takes their time building the melody, dropping it unexpectedly, only to start a new line. This is music that takes effort to listen to and not everybody is up to the challenge. Slow and experimental, the […]

Foundry 616 heats up Sydney jazz scene

It’s been a bit of a struggle over the past few years for jazz music in Sydney, competing with its counterpart scene in Melbourne, where the list of venues keeps growing and growing. Finally Sydney will get a club setting that may just galvanise the whole scene with Foundry616. “A foundry is a place where […]

505 JAZZ

For those of you already nestled in the dulcet folds of jazz’s artist-run warehouse institution 505 in its current location, the news of its recent move will come as no surprise. After six successful years of underground sound, 505 is ready to don its debutante whites and step into the spotlight. The new venue on Cleveland […]