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Japanese Film Festival 2021

The 25th Japanese Film Festival finally returns and JFF Director Yurika Sugie is excited to bring the latest and greatest Japanese films back to the cinema across the country. “This year, our program tells the stories of those who dare to dream beyond limitations. From overcoming loss to breaking ties with stifling societal expectations JFF […]

Japanese Film Festival

By Mark Morellini The 24th Japanese Film Festival (JFF) returns this year but owing to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic this will be a streaming event which means the films can be watched at home. As an added bonus, the film festival will be free of charge for all to enjoy in Australia. “We are thrilled […]

Japanese Film Festival 2019

The 23rd Japanese Film Festival arrives in Sydney with a program of 29 feature films and one documentary which is certain to generate much interest amongst the discerning movie-going public. Japanese cinema has progressively gained more attention in recent years, especially since the Cannes award-winning film Shoplifters garnered global prominence. “Most of the western world […]


Film Festival-attendees have warmed to the Japanese Film Festival now in its 22nd year in Australia, which boasts an exhilarating program consisting of 30 feature films and one documentary. “We program to show the contemporary Japanese cinema for an Australian audience and now that we’re in our 22nd year we’ve matured our programming to deliver […]

Japanese Film Festival

Heading to Sydney between November 16th to 26th is the Japanese Film Festival as part of a national tour. Mumon: The Land of Stealth will open the festival in true Japanese style with an action-packed comedy. The film stars a ninja with unmatched strength as he accidently creates a war between the samurais and ninjas. Directed […]


This is a Japanese family drama film which explores the issues associated with a marriage breakdown and the emotional upheavals when a reconciliation is attempted. Ryota (Hiroshi Abe) who is separated from his wife Kyoko (Satomi Kobayashi) is financially inept and unable to pay child support owing to his gambling habit. He desperately wants to […]