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Kill the PM

With the extremism currently loose in the world, Kill the PM is a provocative title, but director James Dalton says writer Fregmonto Stokes’s aim was to immediately provoke the audience to a pro or con view of extreme action – which the play then explores. The title is 12 months old and Dalton says it’s […]

Mr Kolpert

Pantsguys break the surface this year with their newest provocative play, David Gieselmann's Mr Kolpert. Directed a decade after conception by James Dalton, this production is buzzing with maddening anticipation. “I found that underneath it all, although it’s quite a madcap play for an audience to experience, there’s some exciting ideas in there. Where we […]


The task of raising a child is daunting to any parent, but how do you toe the line between control and creativity with your kid? Emily Calder presents this parental dilemma and more, in her hilarious, surrealist production, Cough. Set in a childcare centre, the play focuses on a group of parents and their children […]