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When the man who may well be the next president of the United States tells parents that their children should have ‘a record player on at night’, you can safely claim that the ‘vinyl revival’ has now been officially validated. This was Joe Biden’s recent urging and you would have to speculate that Joe is […]

Sailing Solo

By Madison Behringer Sydney is home to some of the best opera and live theatre venues in the world, with companies such as Opera Australia and Sydney Theatre Company offering audiences brilliant performances and experiences time and time again. In companies such as these their subscriber base often stretches far and wide, however outside of […]

REVIEW: Diving For Pearls

Diving for Pearls is a heartbreaking tale of trying to transcend but ultimately failing due to forces wildly out of individual control. Ursula Yovich leads as Barbara, a feisty middle-aged woman attempting to rise above her working-class status. Brash and unwilling to yield from her dream of being a hotel hostess, Barbara aggressively navigates her […]


Carriageworks, Erth and Studio A have collaborated to present Birdfoxmonster, an intimate, multisensory dining experience brought to life by artists; Meagan Pelham, Thom Roberts and Skye Saxon; sound artist, James Brown and digital artist, Elias Nohra. “[Birdfoxmonster is] a surprise. It’s quite a unique and mysterious work that is very enigmatic and entirely absorbing. All […]

George Clinton

George Clinton is undoubtedly a music industry legend. He ranks alongside Sly Stone, James Brown and Jimi Hendrix as a pioneer and major proponent of funk, soul and psychedelia. His career spans some 50 years, and at age 76, the vintage performer is still pumping the groove on stage. In February this year, he and […]