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Green Bans Turn Fifty

Opinion by WENDY BACON Fifty years ago last week, two NSW unions took a bold step. At the request of thirteen Hunters Hill women, they agreed to impose a construction black ban (later renamed a green ban) on a small piece of bushland at the junction of the Lane Cove and Parramatta Rivers in Sydney […]

Vale Jack Mundey, saviour of Sydney city

By MEREDITH BURGMANN The true saviour of inner city Sydney, Jack Mundey died this week on 10 May 2020, aged 90. We residents owe our pleasant and convenient lifestyle to Jack and the rank and file members of the NSW Builders Labourers’ Federation (BLF). Sydney would be a very different place if the BLF had […]

Fighting for hope

Opinion by PETER HEHIR With politicians all over the world still stumbling about, lost in the maze of the late 19th century right/left polemics, I was pleasantly reminded of the time I was privileged to interview one of my two political heroes. It was in the early 80’s. The exact date is buried somewhere in […]

REVIEW: Sirius

It’s Brutal. Our heritage is on The Rocks. Over-development is getting Sirius. The puns come easily, but it really isn’t a laughing matter. While developers appear to slash and burn across the city without impediment, activists have come out in force and proverbially chained themselves to the trunk of the 1980s brutalist social housing building, […]

Barangaroo’s “meaningless” community consultation attacked

By Emily Contador-Kelsall Significant changes to the master plan for Barangaroo South have brought the legitimacy of community consultation and the design process into question. Last month the proposed maximum building height of the Crown was increased to around 275 metres, which would exceed the current maximum of 170 metres, with a total floor area […]

Birrell St plan has locals up in arms

The fate of Tamarama gully is causing a stir among Waverley residents. A development application before the Land and Environment Court (LEC) has the inhabitants of Birrell Street and surrounds anxious that they will lose the public space at the top of Tamarama gully. Scores of concerned locals crowded the gallery at Waverley Council’s meeting […]