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Vale Irene Doutney 1948 – 2018

By Hall Greenland When news came through last week that Irene Doutney, the former deputy Lord Mayor of the City of Sydney Council, had died just 11 days short of her 70th birthday, the phrase that immediately sprung to mind was ‘Last of the Mohicans’.   Irene was born and bred in the heart of a […]

Webcasting comes to City of Sydney

BY CHRISTOPHER HARRIS It has taken years, but the City of Sydney has leaped into the 21st Century, according to one Councillor. The City voted on Monday night to a twelve month trial of webcasting the monthly council meeting, a practice which has been adopted around the world, but not at the City of Sydney, […]

Old trees ripped out over Sydney

BY CHRISTOPHER HARRIS Despite community opposition, the state government lopped down dozens of trees in Randwick to make way for the light rail. This week, trees in Sydney Park in the inner west looks slated for the same fate to make way for the WestConnex project, leading some to wonder if the government hates trees. […]

Barangaroo to charge for NYE

BY CHRISTOPHER HARRIS City of Sydney Greens Councillor Irene Doutney has publicly slammed the State Government for proposing to charge families $79 to view New Year’s Eve fireworks in Barangaroo Reserve. Councillor Doutney told City Hub that the government had “reneged” on their promise to return the reserve to public hands, as charging the public […]

Backpacker paradise or nanny state?

BY CHRISTOPHER HARRIS Critics have slammed a push by the City of Sydney Council for more regulation of backpacker hostels in Kings Cross fearing this will force budget accomodation out of the area. Last month, a German backpacker was hospitalised after falling four storeys from the veranda of a Victoria Street hostel. Now City of […]

City of Sydney embracing low carbon energy, but is it worth it?

BY RYAN QUINN City of Sydney Council voted on Monday night to use low carbon energy at two council pools. It is planned that Ian Thorpe and Cooks and Phillips aquatic centres will have trigeneration plants installed to help cut their electricity costs and carbon emissions. Trigeneration plants are installed into a building and use […]

Cats in the cradle at City of Sydney

BY RYAN QUINN City of Sydney Council is preparing to battle a Federal Government plan to cull two million feral cats, some of which live within the council limits. Greens Councillor Irene Doutney brought a motion to council in early August seeking humane alternatives to baiting, most notably exploring Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR). “There are ways in […]

Roundtable sees red over war on drugs

By RYAN QUINN Members of community group REDWatch have taken aim at drug prohibition and its negative effects on the Redfern Waterloo area at a roundtable event. Problems with prohibition and the state’s current methadone program were discussed by fifteen attendees at The Factory Community Centre, Waterloo on Thursday August 6. City of Sydney Greens […]

Never doubted, Irene honoured by party faithful

By CHRISTOPHER HARRIS Although she’s a politician, City of Sydney Councillor Irene Doutney doesn’t behave like one. Modest, unassuming, “with a common touch” and a discerning eye for art, Irene Doutney was lauded for her contribution to the Australian Greens and the Sydney community last Friday evening, July 10, at Redfern Town Hall. Doutney’s motivation […]

Facebook swap shakes up public housing

By Joe Bourke A Facebook community where people can swap their housing commission residences has emerged amid State Government public housing sell-offs, giving tenant their choice of accommodation. ‘Housing commission swap Sydney’ was established by Sameer Sayadi in December 2014 and in its first five weeks has gained almost 3,000 Facebook followers. As a former […]