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If you see something, say something

You've gotta feel a bit sorry for Syrian President Bashar Hafez al-Assad. If you're an Arab ruler it's hard to ever do the right thing by the Yanks, unless, like the Saudi monarchs, you still have significant reserves of oil. The story goes that the secular authoritarian ruler ran an awful regime. His terrible security […]

My enemy’s enemy is my enemy

The gang sat around the Brushtail Cafe contemplating Tony Abbott's increasingly bellicose pronouncements. “I don't get it”, Joadja said, polishing glasses. “Tony Abbott is going back into Iraq in order to help the government fight against the Islamic State terrorists, right?” “Right”, said Old Possum, draining the last swig of cider from his bottle. “But […]

Never reinforce a failure

It's come to this: Iraq is falling apart in a sectarian insurgency launched by the same nut-job Sunni fundamentalists trying to overthrow Assad's Syrian regime – the very same guys the United States helped to foster in its haste to get rid of Assad. Talk about an own goal. So now the line-up now is, […]

A life lost in vain

Last week the Afghan government released 65 suspected Taliban militants from prison. The US military, due to pull out of that benighted country by the end of this year, were outraged, of course. US officials said the detainees were “directly linked” to attacks that killed or wounded 32 NATO troops as well as 23 Afghan […]