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From food waste to fuel

By ALLISON HORE A food waste recycling scheme in the Inner West is transforming uneaten food into renewable energy. The food waste recycling service in Leichhardt has been operating since 2008, in 500 apartment buildings and 5,000 households. Inner West Mayor, Darcy Byrne, first introduced the program when he was mayor of the pre-amalgamation Leichhardt […]

Inner West roads not two-wheel ready

By BRIANNAH DEVLIN Sydney CBD cycleways constructions connecting the Inner West to Sydney CBD are just the tip of the iceberg for cycling connections in the Inner West. The construction of “two-way” cycleways on Saunders and Millers Street in Pyrmont will help link Sydney’s central business district to the Inner West. Construction began in October, […]

Calls for gender balance on recruitment panel

By KATE RAFFERTY Inner West Councillors have expressed concern about a lack of gender representation on the next General Manager recruitment panel, voted through in a council meeting on Tuesday 10 November. “We have a majority of female councillors in council, eight versus seven, yet we couldn’t get a majority of councillors to vote for […]

Green energy gardens light up the Inner West

By SOOFIA TARIQ A new community project could see Inner West Residents who were previously unable to have solar panels, reap renewable rewards. The Haystacks Solar Garden will be Australia’s first large scale solar garden. It is a project between the Community Power Agency and community energy provider Pingala, who previously organised the solar panel […]

Lack of Leichhardt bus stop shelters leaves locals livid

By JACK MAHONY Leichhardt commuters are being left to contend with the elements thanks to a lack of bus stop shelters in the area. In 2019, during a typical week there were close to 60,000 bus trips to and from or within Leichhardt from well over 50 bus stops. Yet, currently there are only 18 […]

Experience Christmas in the Inner West

By RIDA BABAR & ALLISON HORE The festive season for many will be a welcome distraction from the troubled year that was 2020.  Here’s how you can put bushfires, a pandemic and economic recession behind you and experience five senses of festive sensations in the Inner West this Christmas. HEAR What would Christmas be without […]

Inner West councillors clash over monitoring allegations

By SCOTT CARROLL In a meeting on Tuesday October 27, councillors denied a motion that Inner West Council should report its monitoring practices. The motion follows multiple accusations that Inner West Council staff are monitoring councillor correspondences including intercepting mail, emails and phone calls. Councillor John Stamolis, who put forward the motion, said: “There were […]

The City Hub celebrates its birthday with a new website

By Lawrence Gibbons To mark the 24th anniversary of the City Hub we have launched a new website: cityhubsydney.com.au.  The old Altmedia website has given way to a revamped site with the same alternative inner-city news, independent views and cutting-edge arts and entertainment reviews you have come to expect over the years. A lot has […]

Inner West Council race tipped to go to Greens and Labor

BY GEORGIA CLARK Four months into a highly awaited round of campaigning, candidates of the Inner West Council’s Stanmore ward are vying to take the helm of one of Sydney’s most vibrant communities. With the election just weeks away, the battle is tipped to be a game-changer for the area. Political heavyweights, the Greens and […]

Help City Hub survive – Don’t make your news limited

By Kayla Canne City Hub has survived two long decades but in light of recent rising costs and decreasing revenues, the paper now needs your help. This week City Hub announced our first crowdfunding campaign,hoping to gather community support in fundraising $50,000 to help ensure the future of our paper. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/don-t-make-your-news-limited Community funding isn’t a […]