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Tip the scales back to resident power

Opinion By PIP HINMAN The NSW Coalition and NSW Labor voted on November 23 to gift developers another opportunity to tip the scales in their favour and away from local residents and local government. They decided to remove councils’ ability to charge for compliance investigations, despite warnings that this would lead to councils being forced […]

The Mayor Unmasked: Darcy Byrne discusses his re-election bid after a tumultuous first Mayoral term

By EVA BAXTER Darcy Byrne is the inaugural mayor of Inner West Council and was the last mayor of Leichhardt Council. Leichhardt Council ceased to exist when it was amalgamated with Ashfield and Marrickville Councils in 2016 to form the Inner West Council. 2021 will mark the end of council’s first term, and over five […]

De-amalgamate or perish?

Opinion by PETER HEHIR Those of you who have been following my opinion pieces in City Hub over the last two or three years are well aware of my attitude towards politicians in general; and the major political parties in particular. I was an avid supporter, and still am, of the Open Council concept first […]

Mayor refers own council to auditor over Dawny delays

By ALLISON HORE Inner West mayor Darcy Byrne has referred his own council for investigation after repeated delays to the reopening of Balmain’s beloved Dawn Fraser baths. "The Dawny", Australia’s oldest public pool, closed in September 2019 for extensive renovations to preserve its heritage and to make it safer for swimmers. Initially, the council said […]