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De-amalgamation vote: The rescission filibuster

Opinion by PETER HEHIR It’s been suggested by those who oppose de-amalgamation that the argument for it, is simply nostalgia or some unsubstantiated notion that smaller is better. This clearly needs to be examined in some detail. Prior to amalgamation Leichhardt was in the top 10% of financially viable councils in NSW. The KPMG report […]

De-amalgamation to go to a vote: The Heat is on…

Opinion by PETER HEHIR At last night’s special council meeting a most extraordinary thing happened. The citizens of the Inner West actually had a victory! On a debate that was at times acrimonious, with the proponents of the embarrassingly and hugely in debt mega council – including Labor mayor Darcy Byrne and his cohorts in […]

“Breaking up the beast”: Inner West residents to be given vote on de-amalgamation

By ALLISON HORE Inner West residents will be polled in the upcoming local council elections asking if they would like to see the Inner West council split up. Ever since the Leichhardt, Marrickville and Ashfield councils were forcibly amalgamated by the NSW Government in 2016, there has been controversy surrounding the decision. But with the […]

De-amalgamate or perish?

Opinion by PETER HEHIR Those of you who have been following my opinion pieces in City Hub over the last two or three years are well aware of my attitude towards politicians in general; and the major political parties in particular. I was an avid supporter, and still am, of the Open Council concept first […]