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Sydney’s New 91-Kilometre Walking Trail

Ever wanted to walk from the Sydney Opera House all the way to Parramatta whilst taking in the views of our iconic Sydney Harbour? Well if the NSW Government's $60 million Parramatta to Sydney Foreshore Link project goes ahead you will be able to do just that. The 91-kilometre walk will reimagine Sydney & Parramatta […]

Parliamentary committee to investigate Western Harbour Tunnel project

By ALLISON HORE An inquiry into the suitability of the Western Harbour Tunnel project has been launched in the NSW Upper House.  The Public Works Committee, who are responsible for scrutinising public works of the NSW Government, will inquire into and report on the impact of the Western Harbour Tunnel and Beaches Link Project. This […]

Saving Glebe Island Bridge

By ALLISON HORE Once a world-first feat of engineering and a testament to ingenuity of industrial Sydney, the Glebe Island Bridge has been allowed to fall into disrepair over the quarter century since it has been decommissioned. Now, community groups and local politicians are amping up their efforts to save it. The now-disused Allan truss […]

“Absurd” suggestion to demolish heritage power station slammed

By ALLISON HORE In a suggestion which has raised ire in those passionate about Sydney’s heritage, the NSW Treasurer and Transport Minister have both hinted at knocking down the disused White Bay Power Station in Rozelle. In parliament, NSW Treasurer Dominic Perrottet called the heritage listed former coal-fired power station a “shocking building” and said […]

Tunnel vision used for business case

BY WENDY BACON The NSW government has squandered the opportunity to properly cost infrastructure projects by omitting substantial costs from the equation, Associate Professor Glen Searle told the NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into the impacts of WestConnex. Professor Searle’s evidence came near the beginning of three days of evidence in which the the government’s defence of […]

Action group takes its toll on roads lobby event

By Wendy Bacon   Like all industries, the roads industry holds corporate events to network and celebrate achievements. Normally roads lobby events are smooth affairs - talk, good food and a chance to chat about new public contracts that keep profits churning. But this year, it's become increasingly difficult for the lobby to hold its […]

Parramatta Road to house 60,000 new dwellings

The Baird Government has been forced to release the draft plan for the future Parramatta road which reveals 60,000 new dwellings as the target. The development being labelled the ‘new’ Parramatta Road will be the biggest so far in terms of housing that is planned for Sydney. The number of houses along the corridor is […]

Minister warns mayors on WestConnex

Roads Minister Duncan Gay has dismissed the threat of a community campaign against the WestConnex motorway and says the project will go ahead regardless. And he warned that mayors who do not cooperate would be locked out of the planning process. Leichhardt Council will spend up to $20,000 providing information and lobbying kits to residents […]

Council rejects rate rise, flags savings

Leichhardt Council’s director of corporate services will be tasked with finding millions of dollars in savings after the council unanimously rejected a special rate variation. A 300-page report from council officers recommended that a rate rise of between 0.7 and 2.06 per cent above the cap go to public exhibition over the summer months. But […]

Rate rise to address infrastructure gap

There may be a special rise in Council rates to fund vital infrastructure as a result of State Government cost shifting, Leichhardt Mayor Darcy Byrne has said. A public meeting on October 12 will form part of the community consultation process Council is obliged to undertake before applying to the regulator for a "special rate […]