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Thousands rally at Town Hall for Invasion Day march on the 50th anniversary of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy

By PATRICK MCKENZIE First Nations people should be aware that this article contains the names of people who have passed away. Thousands gathered at Town Hall today to rally in recognition of January 26 as a day of survival and mourning for Indigenous people across Australia. From 10:00 am, participants in the protest heard from […]

Aboriginal deaths in custody investigated in The Bowraville Murders

When one of three Aboriginal children vanished in the small-populated town of Bowraville, NSW in 1990, the initial response the parents received when reported to the police was, “What do you want me to do about it? I’m about to knock off.” Compelling viewing this documentary deals with the racism the Aboriginal community experienced from […]


Unlike the Fourth Of July in America and other celebrations of nationhood around the world, Australia Day seems very much a manufactured event. Take away the PR campaign that usually precedes, the various Government sponsored activities on the day, the fireworks, the citizenship ceremonies, the Australian Of The Year awards and Sam Kekovich flogging lamb […]

Art for reconciliation

By ALLISON HORE A new program for schools in Sydney’s CBD and Inner West is helping connect students with local Indigenous culture and identity. The new “Pathways to Reconciliation” program was developed by Reconciliation NSW and funded by the City of Sydney’s cultural and creative grants and sponsorship program. Fort Street, Bourke Street and Newtown […]

Jails are the crime

By ALEC SMART A 12-year-old Aboriginal boy, Dujuan Hoosan, travelled to Geneva, Switzerland, to appeal directly to the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) on an issue important to Indigenous Australians. In a televised address on Wednesday 11 September, he asked for UNHRC help ending something that most Australian political leaders are reluctant to change: […]