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REVIEW: Hyper Karting at Moore Park

By Iki Minogue Tunnel vision, the world turning inside out and it’s just me travelling through a tunnel of light and sound. 200 degrees, a superstar, weaving through the night, a tiger, defying the laws of gravity. Burning through the sky. Travelling at the speed of light. These are the only words which can sufficiently […]

Miss Marx – Punk rock biopic of feminist & social activist Eleanor Marx

BY IKI MINOGUE Set in 18th century Germany, the biopic Miss Marx tells the story of feminist and socialist activist Eleanor Marx. The film begins with Miss Marx delivering the eulogy of her father, now known as the father of communism, Karl Marx. Not long has passed since Eleanor Marx buried both her mother and […]

REVIEW: ‘Breaking The Code’ Of Alan Turing

REVIEWED BY IKI MINOGUE Set in World War II, British playwright Hugh Whitemore’s 1986 play, Breaking The Code jumps through the years to show us the different stages of Alan Turing’s life which helped form his character outside the great mathematician he is so well known for today. In recent times Turing has posthumously gained […]

Yaz Qween – Oxtravaganza Is Back

By Iki Minogue Oxtravaganza is a conglomeration of local artists and businesses coming together to celebrate the gayest suburbs in Sydney, and the gayest night in Sydney. Spread across Darlinghurst and Potts Point, from Friday, February 18 through till Sunday, March 6, Oxtravaganza elongates the pulsating energy the city shines with during the time of […]

REVIEW: ‘Lizzie’ – The Punk-Rock Queer Musical About Lizzie Borden

By Iki Minogue Directed by Maeve Marsden, the Sydney Festival’s Lizzie tells the true story of Lizzie Borden, who allegedly axed to death her father and stepmother in Massachusetts in 1982 - looking very innocent and camp in the process. It can be interpreted as the gay, gothic, gory rendition of Picnic At Hanging Rock […]