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Jurassic Park In Concert

The Steven Spielberg epic Jurassic Park said to be ‘65 million years in the making’, returns for one night only with the iconic John Williams' musical score performed live by The Metropolitan Orchestra. Founded in 2009 The Metropolitan Orchestra has toured nationally and internationally, boasting over 500 concerts with appearances by Jose Carreras, Anthony Warlow, […]

In Conversation With Margaret Atwood

Proclaimed author of The Handmaid’s Tale and over 50 other works, Margaret Atwood will make her way to Australia this weekend to celebrate the publication of The Testaments, a Booker Prize winning sequel to her 1985 novel that has become an Emmy Award-winning television show. In the sequel, Atwood begins answering the questions of readers […]

Stood Up by Jack Whitehall

“I’m surprised anyone in Australia could even be arsed to come and see me... I’m not even the funniest person in my family.” Award winning comedian Jack Whitehall has arrived in Australia well in advance of his upcoming Stood Up tour. Ahead of the tour City Hub spoke with Whitehall about the journey which has […]

REVIEW: Exhibitionism – The Rolling Stones Exhibit

The Rollings Stones' mobile museum and event Exhibitionism has rolled into Sydney and already has proven a hit with media and baby boomers eager to get a vicarious view of the phenomena that are the Stones. Covering 50 years from 1962 when they were bunking down in a London bedsit to the massive 2013 Glastonbury show […]