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REVIEW: Honour

Joanna Murray-Smith takes a familiar domestic scenario – a man who leaves his wife of many years for a much younger woman – and examines the perspectives and feelings of each in detail with great humour and compassion. She also presents the effect of the breakup on the daughter of the couple, as well as […]

The Kitchen Sink

This play has drama and pathos; witty humour and camp; sensitive insight and mischievous parody; it has everything including the kitchen sink. In fact, a functioning kitchen sink is the centrepiece of the set, “and there may be some action around the sink,” hints Hannah Waterman who plays stalwart mother/wife Kath in this Tom Wells […]

The House On The Lake

The newest production from Griffin Theatre is a psychological thriller by Aidan Fennessey. House On The Lake tells the tale of a criminal lawyer who wakes up in a small, barely furnished room without memory of any thing that has happened. With the help of his doctor and the diagnosis of a short term memory […]