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Morrison’s new tracker app ‘not compulsory’

By TONY KALLEGEROS Prime Minister Scott Morrison has recently introduced a new app that will be able to identify if individuals have spent more than 15 minutes within 1.5 metres of each other. The app was created for the purpose of tracking the spread of Covid-19 and intended to be downloaded by people who have […]

Abortion no longer a crime in NSW

By WENDY BACON Update: On September 26, the NSW Legislative Assembly passed the Abortion bill to take abortion out of the NSW Crimes Act. The bill was passed with all its amendments and on the voices without a division.   The story provides an insight into how the bill progressed through parliament.  The Human Rights Law […]

Jails are the crime

By ALEC SMART A 12-year-old Aboriginal boy, Dujuan Hoosan, travelled to Geneva, Switzerland, to appeal directly to the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) on an issue important to Indigenous Australians. In a televised address on Wednesday 11 September, he asked for UNHRC help ending something that most Australian political leaders are reluctant to change: […]