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Norwegian horror ‘The Innocents’ is deeply unsettling

The Innocents is a Norwegian supernatural thriller which follows four young children as they develop & explore their new found telepathic/telekinetic abilities. Akin to classic horror tales such as Children Of The Corn this film uses the innocence of childhood & the development of a moral compass to ratchet up the tension. The Innocents moves […]

Australian Social Media Horror Comedy Film, Sissy, Debuting At Sydney Film Festival

In today's society social media influencers have become a huge part of our culture. For these people the number of followers, likes, shares & viewers are hot commodities, & potential big business. So it's no surprise that horror films, which have always done a great job at satirising the worst parts of society have begun […]

Evil At The Door

Oh my! Just when you thought you’d seen the worst movie ever along comes the indie home invasion drama Evil At My Door to highlight the fact that bad films just keep on keeping on! Reminiscent of the profitable The Purge franchise, this film is set on the fictional 'Annual Night Of The Locusts', where […]

‘The Old Ways’ is a South American spin on an exorcism

Directed by Christopher Alender The Old Ways presents a classic tale of possession, both demonic and personal, with a fresh South American twist. In the film we follow Cristina Lopez (Brigitte Kali), a Mexican-American journalist, who decides to travel back to her home town in order to do a story investigating ancient spiritual practices. Upon her […]

Terror rises in It Came From Below

Plop, drip, plop are the scary sounds in It Came From Below, another story about youngsters venturing into ill-advised scenarios, in this case an underground cave. Brother and sister, somewhat estranged, come together as the sister wants to vindicate her father’s research. Coming along for the midnight picnic of the creeps is the brother’s girlfriend, […]

Queer horror flick ‘Death Drop Gorgeous’ has it all

Monster Makeup, LLC is an independent entertainment company based out of Providence, Rhode Island in the USA. Aside from creating music, art and scary monsters, they now also produce low budget horror films funded primarily from public donations. Their first feature Death Drop Gorgeous is a LGBTQI slasher flick and screened in over 20 film festivals […]

Come Play explores the horror of tech addiction

A solitary, non-verbal Autistic boy unwittingly invites a monster into his home when he reads the creepy children's tale about Larry on his new iPad. Jacob Chase’s directorial debut puts an interesting spin on the idea of technology being the conduit for an evil, menacing force. Come Play works because it plays on the metaphor […]

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

Be afraid! Be very afraid! This is the arresting and ultra-frightening second sequel to The Conjuring (2013) and the eighth instalment in The Conjuring universe, which should have horror film enthusiasts screaming and gasping for air while literally sitting at the edge of their seats! Unlike the first two films, this is not set in […]

The Vigil

Many horror classics bind themselves to the occult or catholic dogma. The Vigil, a first time feature outing for director Keith Thomas, takes a different tack by instead focusing on Jewish methodology and belief. The Vigil follows Yakov (Dave Davis), a disenfranchised member of the New York Jewish community who is drawn back in by […]

In Fabric

Once you see In Fabric, you’ll never try a dress on in a department store change room the same way again. You see, In Fabric is the tale of a dress. But not a normal dress. A dress that, once worn, unleashes a malevolent curse and unstoppable evil. From acclaimed horror director Peter Strickland, this […]