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Climactic clash, riled Royals, traumatic trawler, gay apple: News Bites – 9 Oct 2019

Bite-sized bulletins by ALEC SMART Climate Chained Radical environmentalists Extinction Rebellion (XR) have chosen this week and next for rallies and civil disturbance to draw attention to the climate crisis threatening the planet. Protests, many involving activists chaining themselves to immovable objects (or each other), have taken place in the USA, Europe, India, and Australasia. […]

Michael Harvey – Honey

Sydney's local artist Michael Harvey is a multi-instrumentalist and uses his sweet soulful singing voice to great effect. Dropping a new album titled Honey with a few gigs around town before heading to Europe, Harvey is a busy man who doesn’t fail to deliver his soothing tunes. The first single also titled Honey sets the tone for […]

Food News

The Shangri-La Sydney has a young, hip pastry chef in Anna Polyviou. Not only is she good at her craft, she’s entertaining and charismatic in the (rather spacious) confines of her pastry kitchen.